Review of 2017 Goals

It’s the time of year where you muse over a list of things you’ll try to get done and fail, so let’s review the last set!

  • Complete some web stack development courses on PluralSight. It’s been a while since I touched Angular,Django, and I wouldn’t mind getting something done from start to finish.

    • This kind of happened? I ended up digging into a lot of MEAN/React, and tilted over to machine learning for some work research. Need to do this with .NET Core.
  • Get a basic app up and running on iOS from scratch. I’ve ported Unity stuff to iOS, but nothing much else.

    • Didn’t get much going here at all. Would probably scrap this for next year.
  • Participate in more game jams. I think I did .5 game jams last year, let’s see if I can bump that up a little. It certainly helped me explore stuff and fail faster, especially in VR.

    • No? I put a question mark because I did a bunch of work outside of game development, espcially in SalesForce. So this is a maybe. Still some time this year, actually.
  • Sub goal: Hopefully one of the above spins to a pet project that I grind out more on.

    • Nada
  • Start streaming more. Don’t really know what game, or when, but I enjoyed what little I did in 2016.

    • I did stream a bit of Eternal and Madden, but didn’t do anything consistent.
  • Maybe do a speed run of something? Not expecting anything close, just wouldn’t mind chasing at a record of something for a bit, even if I have no chance to get it.

    • I hardly played anything in 2017. PUBG and MOBAs, that’s about it.
  • Cut soda.

    • Hahahahahhahahaha

Maybe the best thing to do for 2018 is to leave this list alone and actually accomplish it.